Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Savannah Georgia

We are mid trip right now and so far, so much fun!  The trip down here took us longer than expected and we ran into a bit of rain - ok - downpours. Lol. 

Yesterday we spent the day walking around downtown Savannah. We had heard so much about River Street, so we went to check it out. Nothing but tourist shops!  We were so disappointed. 

This was in one of the shops in downtown. The cutest kitchen store ever!!!

There were a few interesting bars and things but we aren't here to stay drunk. 

We ate dinner at The Lady and Sons. And the best thing about it was the fried chicken!!!  The funniest thing was Craig parking the truck in the tiny parking deck!! 

A few cute and strange things we found in some of the shops. 

Some historical sights. 

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