Sunday, June 26, 2011

decorative tag using distress ink and primas

I am indeed a shopaholic.....

I came home one day from a shopping spree at JoAnns - and you know, I had to go to Michaels, and Hobby Lobby too - Anyway....My sweet husband was about in tears - A little background - I just started really really getting into all this scrapbooking and paper crafting right before Christmas - So I NEEDED everything right NOW! LOL - So, husband was almost in tears - He had looked at the bank account online - He had gotten a raise and was checking to see how much he was going to put in savings - Well, he started adding everything up. Now, Ladies, I need for you to be sitting down when I tell you this next part. From March 1 - March 31 - I had spent $2,500 give or take a few bucks - He said 'It's all Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Michaels, and Paypal.....How did you spend THAT much in a month?!?!?!" I told him to just log off and forget about it. LOL I did NEED all that stuff! AND that a few of those paypals were his.....Needless to say, he doesn't check the bank balance anymore. He said that he knew I was spending alot, he just didn't know how much.
So, I'm also a shopaholic. There. I said it. Now....who wants to go shopping???? LOL

friday link love: June 24, 2011

friday link love: June 24, 2011

How cute!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

So, it's back to the Doctor..

Short timeline -

November 16th, 2010 - Hysterectomy

The Dr nicked my bladder.  Didn't know it until March of 2011 -

Reconstructive surgery on bladder May 17th, 2011.

June 23rd, 2011 - Leaking again.

Back to the Urogynocologist in the morning.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Paul fathers day

Our friend Paul - It was too funny! He was saying "Weeeeee" like a little kid - But of course when I started to video him, he wouldn't do it. His son Ben is behind him pushing him. LOL

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Twinery: Beautiful Lanterns

The Twinery: Beautiful Lanterns: "Happy April Fools Day!!! This is Sheri with a really messy and fun project to share with you today! So I hope you've got all your prank..."

The Twinery: {Free Printables} Coordinating Gift Tags

The Twinery: {Free Printables} Coordinating Gift Tags: "We just wanted to let everyone know that we've created free printable gift tags that match the colors of our baker's twine! There is a full..."

The Twinery: Mini Spool Magnets

The Twinery: Mini Spool Magnets: "Today's project idea was originated because I needed a solution to a problem. The problem at hand: ugly magnets. Yes! Ugly Magnets! {Are yo..."

LOVE this idea!!!! Had to blog it so I could remember it!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hobby Lobby's weekly AD for this week

Check out this great in-store deal from Michaels on IRIS® 12"x12" SCRAPBOOK CASE in Birmingham, AL

Check out this great in-store deal from Michaels on IRIS® 12"x12" SCRAPBOOK CASE in Birmingham, AL

Yep, I see a shopping spree in my near future!!!

Check out this great in-store deal from Michaels on IRIS® 4"x6" PHOTO CASES in Birmingham, AL

Check out this great in-store deal from Michaels on IRIS® 4"x6" PHOTO CASES in Birmingham, AL

This is a awesome deal!!! Love these little boxes!!!

Walt Disney World June 2011

We had a fabulous time in Disney this past week!

Jason and I decided that we would just go ahead and drive down on Friday night (a day earlier than we had planned) - It worked out really well.  We were able to rest and sleep late on Saturday morning.  We decided to go to Downtown Disney and hang out for a little bit.  We had lunch at Earl of Sandwich - which was delicious!!!  My parents and Elizabeth got to the hotel a little bit after lunch.  They would have been there earlier, except for their GPS took them to a empty parking lot/shopping center instead of the hotel.  After dinner and another trip to Downtown Disney with my parents and Elizabeth we settled in for the night to get ready for our first day at the "Happiest Place on Earth".

Sunday - June 5th we went to the Magic Kingdom.  We just walk around riding the rides we wanted to - It was a very stress free day.  We had lunch at Pinocchio Village in Fantasy Land - It was so good!

Monday we went to Epcot - Lunch was Biergarten.  It was like a dinner show type thing - They had a band and even though the food was just "ok", we had a good time.

Tuesday and Thursday was Hollywood Studios - I just have to say that the Star Wars referb was well worth the wait!  We rode it numerous times - and never went on the same "journey"!

Wednesday was Animal Kingdom.

Friday and Saturday - Back to the Magic Kingdom.  Momma and Daddy left on Saturday morning to come home and we headed back to the MK.  We finally met the Evil Stepmother and Step sisters from Cinderella - They were hilarious!!!  One of the Step Sisters told Elizabeth that she liked her pink hair and wanted to know if her mother knew about it.  They were very true to character!

Sunday was a long drive home, but all in all we had a wonderful time.  I'm already ready to go back!