Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend fun

Glad today is Sunday! My best friend Jill came over with her 2 girls on Friday afternoon. Jill and I stayed up ALL night long Friday night crafting. We really didn't make much of anything - Mainly just a mess - Here are a few things that I made - We ended up going to bed at a little after 10 Saturday morning! Elizabeth got to babysit for a little while. We made some awesome ribbons for our BBQ this coming weekend!

On a awesome note - I go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon to get my cath out!! This two weeks have been horrible! If it wasn't for, Jill, and a few other friends, I would have lost my mind!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! If you're on my facebook and didn't get an invite and want to come to our Memorial Day cookout, please email me.

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