Sunday, May 15, 2011

Upcoming events

Hiya!!! Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!! We had a lazy one! Jason got a ton of yard work done - and this afternoon he killed a snake - eww! I'll see if I can upload a picture tomorrow -
So much is going on in the next month!!

This coming Saturday, Jason and his dad are going to Georgia to pick up Jason's brand spanking new Bubba smoker! His webiste for Little Piggy BBQ (named after our beautiful daughter Elizabeth) is

A week from tomorrow I get to go back to my doctor to find out if my surgery was a success - we're all hoping it was!! After that we're going to pick my parents up and taking them to dinner for their anniversary - which is actually June 8th, but we'll be in Disney, so Jason and I are surprising them with a night out! After dinner, we're going to Sams to get supplies for our huge cookout on Memorial Day weekend - That's going to be one busy Saturday!!

June 4th we leave for Orlando - 7 wonderful glorious days at Walt Disney World!!

I totally forgot where all I was going with this post, so I'll just continue tomorrow!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!!

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