Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just a couple more days!!!

Yesterday went amazingly well! I was tired when I got up, but what's new. Jason and I got ready and went to check Elizabeth out of school - then we headed to UAB to see the specialist who did my surgery two weeks ago - He took the catheter out - and Phew! I'm so glad!! I wouldn't wish that on anyone!!! 6 more weeks and I'll be back to totally normal! Gotta have time for the bladder to finish healing he said...

Anyway, we're gearing up now for the 1st Annual Little Piggy BBQ Memorial Day cookout! We went to Sam's yesterday afternoon to get a few supplies. Thursday, we're going to Sunday Dinner to pick up the meat - Boston Butts, brisket, sausage, Hamburger meat - I sent a list out of the things we need everyone else to bring. I'm so excited! We invited well over 100 - so far about half have confirmed. We're going to do a few fun things with the kids too - a wheelbarrow race, three legged race, softball - and Jill and I made 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons this past weekend! They are too cute! I'll post pictures tomorrow!

I could not get up this morning - I was in and out of the bed all day long - I finally woke up and stayed up around 5 this afternoon - I got a few things done around the house - but nothing that counts really! LOL

I'm planning on crating for a little while tomorrow -

Guess I better get in the bed, or I'll be sleeping all day tomorrow too!

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