Sunday, July 31, 2011

Swap-Bot and how I handle my swaps...

Getting swaps together is so much fun for me!  I get to go through my stash and see what all kinds of goodies I can find so share with fellow swappers -

-This is a portion that I have copied from my Swap- Bot profile -

Ok - I have finally figured out a plan of action when I have alot of swaps on my dash. This may also help you, so I wanted to share. I write each swap down on a sheet of paper and next to it write the deadline date. I start at the top of the page (since they're already in order anyway) and work my way down. Even though some are profile based swaps, you can get everything together for that swap and have it ready to go. I write on the back of the envie what the swap is and those go in one pile. I have a basket that has already addressed swaps in that need to go to the post office. Once the partners are assigned, all I have to do is include the profile goodies, write a little note that I have already put in the envie, seal it and go! I had roughly 18 swaps and a handful of RAKS that I did in 4 hours tonight. I'm kinda proud of myself!! Hope my system makes sense to you - if you have any questions, please ask! Thanks for reading!

To me, it makes sense.  

Here's an example:

PVT Swap w/ Jill - due Aug 1
PVT swap w/Brandy - due Aug 5
School ATC - due Aug 12

and so on and so forth.....When I get one done, I cross it off my list.  Of course I cross reference my list to the dashboard on Swap Bot as well.  

I don't know why I didn't think of this before!  LOL

Probably because I have never done this many swaps at one time.  But, now that I know I can do it and do it efficiently  there is no way I'm going back now!  So, watch out!

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