Thursday, July 28, 2011

Surgery.......and recovery......

Ok - My surgery was two weeks ago tomorrow - I've had the cath in for almost two weeks - One week to go.  Jill and her girls came over on Wednesday of last week and Jason went Friday to pick up her husband.  We crafted just a little and I tried to rest.  Friday night, Tammie and Shawn came over Friday night and Shawn helped do some housework - he's such a good house husband.  LOL  Sunday, Jason cooked ribs - They were really good.  Brandy and Larry came over Sunday.  So did Susan!!!  She's taking care of me this week while Jason's out of town in New Hampshire.  I'm not having to do a thing!!  Susan is awesome!!  Jason will be home tomorrow and Susan is leaving Saturday.  I'm not going to know what to do being here by myself next week!  I go to the doctor on August the 5th to get the cath out and I am so excited!!!  Wow - What a thing to be excited about, huh?  

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