Monday, June 13, 2011

Walt Disney World June 2011

We had a fabulous time in Disney this past week!

Jason and I decided that we would just go ahead and drive down on Friday night (a day earlier than we had planned) - It worked out really well.  We were able to rest and sleep late on Saturday morning.  We decided to go to Downtown Disney and hang out for a little bit.  We had lunch at Earl of Sandwich - which was delicious!!!  My parents and Elizabeth got to the hotel a little bit after lunch.  They would have been there earlier, except for their GPS took them to a empty parking lot/shopping center instead of the hotel.  After dinner and another trip to Downtown Disney with my parents and Elizabeth we settled in for the night to get ready for our first day at the "Happiest Place on Earth".

Sunday - June 5th we went to the Magic Kingdom.  We just walk around riding the rides we wanted to - It was a very stress free day.  We had lunch at Pinocchio Village in Fantasy Land - It was so good!

Monday we went to Epcot - Lunch was Biergarten.  It was like a dinner show type thing - They had a band and even though the food was just "ok", we had a good time.

Tuesday and Thursday was Hollywood Studios - I just have to say that the Star Wars referb was well worth the wait!  We rode it numerous times - and never went on the same "journey"!

Wednesday was Animal Kingdom.

Friday and Saturday - Back to the Magic Kingdom.  Momma and Daddy left on Saturday morning to come home and we headed back to the MK.  We finally met the Evil Stepmother and Step sisters from Cinderella - They were hilarious!!!  One of the Step Sisters told Elizabeth that she liked her pink hair and wanted to know if her mother knew about it.  They were very true to character!

Sunday was a long drive home, but all in all we had a wonderful time.  I'm already ready to go back!

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